PackshotCam für DJI X7 Kamera (Wie Warpcam)



Die PackshotCam is an advancement of our Towercam designed for the X7-Rig (DJI X7 Camera). While our Towercam focuses on classic driving shots on the road, the PackshotCam enables captivating camera movements for pack shots, even through tight spaces such as between the front seats of a car. It facilitates camera perspectives and movements that are not easily achievable and are desired in virtually every automotive commercial film.

The PackshotCam provides the ideal solution when the budget for a Technocrane or U-Crane is not available, yet high-quality shots are still desired. The (end) customer’s satisfaction with the results takes precedence over an elaborate Hollywood technical setup on the set.

Explore larger setups for driving shots here!


Driving shots // Interior // Exterior // Drone – all possible with the same camera!

PackshotCam – Interior.

With an extension developed by us, we can seamlessly move the DJI X7 (6K RAW) camera “invisibly” – without intrusive slider rails in the frame – approximately 1.5 meters horizontally. Both the slider movement and the camera itself are electronically controlled smoothly and precisely via joystick. This enables a new and dynamic narrative, especially tailored for the automotive industry, and, of course, for all other applications where a camera needs to navigate through a very tight space.

  • Focus Control
  • Up to 6K DNG RAW at 25p, up to 3.7K RAW at 50p
  • Extremely fast setup changes; the gimbal easily compensates for irregularities.

PackshotCam – Exterior.

The lightweight Towercam, equipped with the DJI X7 camera, can be swiftly and easily moved on a rolling stand on the set to find the optimal camera angle. In comparison to traditional jib-arm movements, this setup not only allows for more precise and efficient pans but also a true vertical movement that runs perpendicular and not in an arc – unlike a jib-arm.

For exterior shots, the Towercam can, of course, be set up horizontally to achieve a classic 2-meter long slider movement. Even in this configuration, it enables significantly lower shots above the ground compared to large and bulky camera setups, even when mounted upside down on the slider.

Audi TS3 Sportback – Trailer

PackshotCam // Towercam // Drone

Client: Audi

Production Company: EVO 7 GmbH

DOP: Christoph Steiner

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