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We are cinematographers specializing in aerial cinematography.

Every member of our team is a skilled cameraperson. We specialize in shooting commercials, documentaries, and reports. This makes us not only a competent partner seamlessly integrating into any production team but also a reliable additional camera unit or Director of Photography (DOP) standing by your side. We are happy to offer a combination of aerial and ground shots.

Masters of improvisation, we have a love for perfection.

For us, “impossible” is not in our vocabulary! Even for unplanned shots, we almost always find a way to execute them spontaneously with the resources at hand. Our goal is to shoot with maximum efficiency, often venturing off the beaten path and exploring new possibilities. We continuously expand our setup to offer more exciting perspectives. Despite years of on-set experience, we consistently notice small details that could enhance the efficiency of a shooting day. Every solution we come up with, we implement.

A multicopter can do much more than capture images from a bird’s eye view. The range of motion is nearly limitless, and our aim is to create images with maximum dynamism and fascination. We are available for creative consultation and love to explore creatively on set. However, it’s important to note that while a drone can achieve a lot, it can’t do everything! For nearly all applications where the drone is no longer suitable as a technical tool, we offer alternatives for dynamic visual storytelling.

Lukas Maurer
Aerial Pilot & Cinematographer

Since 2013, Lukas Maurer has been flying his drone systems around the world for film, TV, and advertising. He is the cornerstone of aerolution.tv, conducting approximately 1,000 take-offs and landings each year with precision and safety, operating the multicopter for professional aerial shots while actively incorporating his experience as a cameraman. For international assignments, he holds multiple licenses as a drone pilot, including the USA FAA Part 107. Lukas develops and constructs all the specialized techniques that contribute to our dynamic visual storytelling. Additionally, he is also active as a ground cameraperson.

Since 2013 Lukas Maurer is working with drones for television and movie productions. As a cinematographer he know how to create perfect aerials. With his finger tip feeling he will fly the drone smooth and exactly indoor and outdoor, high and low, slow & fast – whatever you will need for your project.

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Christoph Steiner Aerial Kameramann drohnenteam München aerial drone team munich germany alexa mini red epic hexakopter DJI Matrice 600 Pro ACG zulassung
Christoph Steiner
Christoph Steiner has extensive experience in the field of advertising and image film as well as emotional documentary productions and reports. He specializes in the automotive sector. High-quality studio and driving shootings of vehicles are his specialty (Audi AG, Audi Sport, BMW Group, BMW Motorrad, Cadillac). Christoph Steiner is a freelance aerial cinematographer for us, and his passion for a breathtaking picture design can be incorporated into the Aerials on every job from wide landscapes to fast and dynamic photographs.

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