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LED drone light.

We have built a powerful 3KW spotlight from many individual LED modules. All modules together result in a light output of approx. 300,000 lumen! For the short operation (approx. 10 minutes flight time), the LED drone simply replaces the hydraulic ramp. In addition, however, especially the effect of moving lights is the unbeatable profit of the LED drone. No matter whether the search light of a police helicopter is imitated, or simply a new lighting concept is to be implemented: With the LED drone, there are a lot more possibilities in set lighting.

Our led drone light:

  • 300.000 Lumen, 140° beam
  • 150.000 Lumen, 60° beam
  • 126.000 / 210.000 Lumen, CRI 80, 5500K, tilt axis stabilized and controllable, flash function, dimmable
  • 50.000 Lumen, 30° beam, stabilized – like a helicopter searching light.



LED Drohne moving lights luftaufnahmen münchen 150.000 lumen aerial led drone light team munich germany bavaria

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