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MovingLight – LED Drone

With our innovative LED Drone – spotlight system, we turn night into day. Whether for captivating creative set lighting with dynamic movement, powerful searchlight capabilities, or as a versatile alternative to traditional elevated platforms.

Exceptional films call for extraordinary techniques.

We design and develop our LED modules for the drone in-house. Each of our MovingLight LED modules is a custom creation, optimized to generate maximum brightness with minimal weight. The drone’s flight time and the LED module’s illumination duration are both approximately 10-15 minutes. All MovingLight modules can be remotely switched on and off.

Explore our range of cutting-edge LED modules:

  • 50,000 Lumens Spotlight: Featuring a 30° beam angle, 3-axis stabilization, and 360° swivel (mounted in a gimbal). Ideal for helicopter searchlights with a strong focus.
  • 126,000 Lumens Multi-functional Light: With a CRI of 80 and a color temperature of 5500K, this module offers one-axis stabilization and swiveling. Enjoy extensive control options, including dimming, flash, and blink functions.
  • Coming Soon in 2024: Stay tuned for our latest innovation – a groundbreaking 224,000 Lumens LED module with 1.6KW power, featuring two-axis stabilization. We believe this setup is unparalleled worldwide!
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LED Drone
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